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• 3/3/2014

Magor 2.0?

I just noticed, but if we are in the Watercooler 2.0, where did the original Watorcooler go?
Back to my point. Among the reasons why Magor* failed, mainly due to a lack of backstory, drive, and potential good Rpers being put off by its' implied Satanic-idol-worshiping plot (really does any still believe that shit?), we simply had no idea what to do with the poor little thing. We had no real plot, I was just making stuff up on the spot, and the original Magor was a spur of the moment type thing. 
So, now, we will recreate Magor, as Magor 2.0: Electric Boogaloo (that is joke, unfunny people), but this time with some depth. So, all, three of us, who showed interest, need to do something.

For new members, or forgetful ones, Magor was (is/will be) the magical alternate version of Vapor, the name coming from a portmanteau of the words Magic and Vapor. Some us (Sri) wanted to call it Mapor, but to me that sounded like Map Whore, which would have been... complicated.
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• 2/7/2014

Introduce yourself!

Ah, here we go. Get to know each other -- how we are in the real world. Of course, I'm just as rad IRL as I am IVL (In Vapor Life). I don't have the time to really fully and properly introduce myself just yet, but I wanted to go ahead and create a place to do so for all of the new members of our fucked up family =)
As Vitz suggested, share things "Like hobbies, favorite music, movies, books, culture of your [real life] nation, yadda yadda yadda, you know, the stuff that I can't read from your minds because we aren't in the same room." Maybe a pic of yourself if that's something you're comfortable with (but by no means should you feel pressured to do so -- this is the internet)
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• 1/15/2014

Let's talk about your Chances of Surviving in the Up-and-Coming!

So, let us talk about what must eventually come... WAR!
Specifically WWI, our First World War of Gaia Atlia, and the chances of survival around the world.
Any active suggestions? And for the sake of avoiding Ino's sarcasm, or one of you other comparitive dumbass', be serious, use facts from our written material, and statistics. And GO! 
And for the sake of getting this out now, I personally think FIN is going to win the war, but at a very costly price. This prediction comes under the assumption that the Haven Compact stays out of the conflict, as well as the Easterners. Current population estimates are this-
FIN: ~772,300,000
The "Alliance" (Fan and Ino): ~600,600,000 
Difference: ~171,700,000
Also +6 Technology bonus to FIN!
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• 1/1/2014

hasdppy new year peoplw1

w1hat is says on tttje front
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• 12/30/2013

Fanaglia's latest calamity

I've come to realize that I'm pretty much a living cartoon character and the constant victim of what would in any media apart from my daily life be knee-slapping slapstick comedy. I've decided to start chronicling these calamities as they come. Maybe they'll be good for use in some future creative piece. If nothing else, maybe they'll provide you with a good laugh. Feel free to share any calamitous happenings in your own life, as well.
My latest calamity is not so much a full-fledged calamity as a mildy amusing (if it hadn't happened to me) annoyance.
There are several bolts for removing the climate control box (which contains the heater core) from the Blazer that are extremely inconvenient and/or just difficult to reach. Two are only accessible by removing the inner fender well, which supports a lot of things including the battery and the coolant overflow reservoir, both of which fell on my head when I removed it. One is deep down inside a narrow hole (the one I had to put together that contraption with the wrench, screwdriver, and flashlight to remove) and two are close to the very middle of the firewall (the front of the passenger compartment at the rear of the engine bay), which are plain hard to reach, being so far away and with that end of the car raised up into the air (to access the fender well).
Well, my crisis came after leaning way over the fender to reach those top three bolts (the one in the hole and the two in the middle, one being very far down). While trying to reach them, I leaned on the fender and at times rest my entire body weight on the edge of the fender. Then, when it was time to put it all back together, I did the same thing, except I spent more time that way because the climate control box was being a stubborn cunt. It made me feel a little sore where my weight was resting on the edge of the fender, but there wasn't really any other way to reach. Afterwards, while taking a shower, I noticed a long, thin, bruised line straight across my body right where the fender was pressing. What's worse is the bruising is right where the underwire on my bra rests, which makes it really uncomfortable if not painful to wear one.
I have a corset I could have worn, but I've lost weight and it doesn't really fit right anymore. I also have an underbust corset, but it would defeat the purpose in this case and be just as painful. So I guess I'm going commando the next few days =/ I guess I'll just avoid jogging lol.
Only me.
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• 12/15/2013

Cyprum's photos.

Pictures of random crap in my life. Usually, I'll just poast a pic of some nice weather (if we get any) or some scenery.

I can only dream of getting a real gun... Soooooo want to live in the south.
EDIT: Trigger discipline, safety on, and magazine out, all for good measure.
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• 12/2/2013


So, what plans do you all have-if any-regarding technological development and how that goes with space exploration. I was thinking that the first manned moon landing could be, given Vapor's advanced technological pace, somewhere around ten years before the real moon landing in 1969. I know Servoth has some plans, and Pav has expressed that as well. I certainly do, but I'd like to hear everyone elses.
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• 11/17/2013


Inoroth this is the part of your post I am responding to:
"RE: 'God Hates Fags' -- I thought I had mentioned this earlier, but if I did not, here it is -- there is a difference between hating homosexuals and disagreeing with the morality of homosexuality. I see no solid or convincing biblical argument for condoning homosexuality, and I do not support or agree with that lifestyle (that said, Fan and I get along fine here, so it's not that I hate homosexuals, or even that I think all homosexuals go to hell -- thanks be to God's Mercy and Grace). While I find it interesting that so many Christians condone homosexuality as 'just another lifestyle', what I find all the more interesting is the acceptance of homosexuality by Humanists, under the argument that it's simply 'genetics', because from a completely Humanistic and Darwinistic viewpoint, if homosexuality is genetic, then logically it should have been weened out of our genes because of the simple fact that homosexuals do not have biological children (accepting 'Bi' people would make sense, however). "
My response:
First, there’s no biblical evidence for evolution or that the earth is older than 6,000 years either.
Now. Let us dissect your post, particularly your assertion that Humanists [And Darwinists] describe homosexuality as ‘simply genetics’. This is simply wrong and you’d be hard pressed to find any such rational supporter of Humanism or Darwinism saying otherwise. Scientific studies have suggested that there is not one reason but many for homosexuality.
“Sexual orientation probably is not determined by any one factor but by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences”
- Academy of Pediatrics,
The Psychological Association says, “there are probably many reasons for a person's sexual orientation”
Further, if it was simply genetic, why do we have identical twins that have different sexualities? Added to this, even if it were ‘just’ genetics, there is not a ‘gay gene’ that can be switched on and off. There is likely a multitude of genes that each make a person seem more homosexual and when a certain amount of them are present make that person attracted to member of the same sex. Look for a study by Rahman and Wilson in order to read more about this.
What you’re doing by making such a ridiculous comment as “Humanists say its simply genetics” is proliferating a lie, please do not make such overarching comments when you have clearly done no research whatsoever into what Humanists actually say.
Next; I will throw you a bone and we’ll go down the genetic route. You’re now assuming that homosexuality is an undesirable trait amongst Human Beings (and, indeed the numerous other animals that exhibit homosexual behaviour), why is that?
We can look at “antagonistic selection” - where traits useless to one sex exists simply because its useful to the other. Nipples being an example. 
Rahman and Wilson said that a similar process may well work with regards homosexuals. For example we’ve all heard women say something like “I really liked that guy, then I found out he was gay!” - well, Rahman and Wilson suggest that genes that may promote homosexuality are extremely desirable to women, they actually said something like gay men are “less aggressive and psychopathic than the typical male” and whilst this certainly isn’t the case in every situation (I know some hardass gays), in many cases these genes may make them more desirable to females. 
What they go on to say is that sometimes so many of these genes are present that it ends up with them being attracted to members of the same sex, which is an acceptable trade-off in the long term aims of other genes. 
So, homosexuality isn’t a “weak gene” that would be weened out if possible. It is a complex mix of genetics, biology, environments in the womb, etc and is not at all “simply genetics”.
I’m not even going to challenge you on your “it’s the wrong lifestyle” statement because someone who says anything like that is generally so far gone it’s not worth the effort. Besides, you get your “morality” from a book that accepts slavery, advocates the sacrifice of your own children, encourages gang rape etc etc.
PS: I'm not suggesting you're a homophobe or anything of the sort. I'm more interested in debunking your false remarks about what Humanists say. Despite this, please tread carefully.
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• 8/15/2013

Padded room for ideas

I'm not sure, but I think I might be the only one of us who writes much (or at least attempt to) outside of Vapor. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where I can bounce ideas about various things off of you guys.
This is by no means a thread all about me. If I'm wrong (which, actually, I just remembered seeing one of you guys starting a Vapor-based short story or something a while back -- Pav, maybe?), you're all more than welcome to share your ideas here for some constructive criticism.
My first musing is a fairly minor one relating to my novel, which is based loosely on a long-dead NS RP. In the RP, William Griffith (one of the main characters both in the RP and in the novel) was a professor at the Tagan College of Science and Technology. Well, my novel is set in the real world, where TCST does not exist. I was wondering where he should work, then. Should I plop him into some RL university or create my own fictional uni (perhaps even still call it TCST)? I was also considering making a nod to Lovecraft by having him work at Miskatonic University, a fictional uni in New England that he came up with and which has also been used by dozens of other authors since then.
Whaddya think? I'm inclined to use Miskatonic because I quite like it and it alredy has a certain connotation surrounding it (a connotation that is conveniently in-line with my story), but I'm not sure if it would be too heavy-handed or if it could be perceived as putting myself into Lovecraft's shadow.
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• 7/31/2013

How to make spoilers on your pages

All you need to do is copy the tags below. You can see them by quoting this post and selecting "source" mode.

This is your spoilered content. Derp.
Once posted, it will show up with a small "Expand" button. Note that it will not show up in a preview for some reason.
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• 7/17/2013

General Nation Histories.

As per Fanaglia's suggestion, I'm creating a thread here for the discussion/posting of our various histories. While the histories can include any section, this thread should mainly focus on areas/sections of a nation's history that rely on external/international interaction. 
So, uh, go ahead, I guess. I'll have a section up in a bit. 
Feel free to offer input/constructive criticism/ideas, etc. The purpose is to flesh out our histories, in order to create a better and more satisfactory RP.
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• 7/14/2013

Corrupt a wish

Lovingly ripped off from the classic NS thread.
If you're unfamiliar with the way it works, one person makes a wish and you find a way to grant it, but ruin it while doing so, like some sort of evil genie, then make your own wish for someone else to corrupt.
Example: Person A says "I wish for a million dollars."
Person B says "Granted, you have a million dollars, but you don't report it on your income, the IRS arrests you for felonious tax evasion, and you are raped in prison.
"I wish for pie"
And so on. (Since I'm the first to post and don't have a real wish to corrupt, I'll just corrupt my example.)
Granted, you have so many pies that it fills your entire apartment, floor to ceiling, so that you can't get inside it. By the time you have it cleared out, the rotting pies have attracted tons of bugs and rodents and have left a foul stench all over the whole place.
I wish one of you guys would buy this dress for me.
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• 5/3/2013

Inoroth's Random Photo Thread

Basically, ya'll can post your favorite epic/information/relevant/interesting photos here.
1.) Please limit yourselves to a few posts per day.
2.) Please provide links only -- DO NOT UPLOAD THE ACTUAL PICTURES TO THE WIKIA! (this is to keep from spamming the photos we are using in our wikia pages.)
3.) Have fun!
First Photo:
For some things, there are no excuses
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• 5/2/2013
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• 5/12/2013

Sri Tschow's Cactus Collection

This is a thread for my current colection of cacti and succulents.
Current Cacti (In order of time recieved):
-Echinocactus Grusonii
-Ferocactus Glaucescens
-Parodia-Notocactus Magnifica
-Opuntia Macrocentra
-Sempervium Arachnoidium (x2)
-Mammillaria Spinosissima
-Aloe Vera
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• 4/23/2013

Fan's music video of the day (or week or whenever)

I don't know about you guys, but I love music videos. Maybe it has something to do with growing up watching VH-1 and MTV back when they actually showed them (grumble).
I'm also convinced that I have the best musical taste in the world and feel the desire -- nay, the duty! -- to share it with y'all.

Go ahead and share some of yours, too!
Today's video: "Criminal" by Fiona Apple

04:24 Fiona Apple - Criminal
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• 4/22/2013


For population growth rates, can we use the historical growth rates of our base nation (Germany for Servoth, Russia for pavs, Japan for me and Sri) as the rates for our nations? Or was an official rate made?
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• 4/23/2013

Conflict resolution thread

Rather than sully our on-site OOC thread with the often-childish and unprofessional bickering that has occasionally appeared there, let's use this thread as a safe place to work out our differences.
To come will be a more rigid and official set of rules and procedures. Fortunately, we have made it this far without really needing them and have been able to keep a nice, casual atmosphere; unfortunately, the time has come that we need them.
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• 3/24/2013

Is there a way to change the title of a wikia page?

I accidentally named a page "Victor Enamuel Vinchero", when the correct spelling of his name is "Victor Emanuel Vinchero".  Can I change it, or should I just copy everything to a new page with the correct title, and allow the administrators to delete the page?  Thanks!
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• 3/26/2013

Thread of talking!

Let us chat and have no threats of spam.
I for one think that Fan's pic could very well be her :|
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