Annette Tagan
Annette tagan
Detailed Information
Nationality Fanaglian
Occupation(s) Chair of Fanaglian Central Textiles

Journalist for the Kraftenberg Herald


Years Active 1881-
Born 19 September, 1868
Died Unknown
Spouse(s) Alonso Tagan
Children Martin Tagan
Father Jacques Sarkozy
Mother Ichiko Sarkozy
Religion Rothian Catholic
Annette Tagan was the third wife of the Fanaglian industrialist, Alonso Tagan. She was also a fashion model and a regular contributor to the Kraftenberg Herald. She had a friendly relationship with Queen Autumn of Fanaglia and was often granted exclusive interviews with Her Majesty, earning her the tongue-in-cheek title of "Her Majesty's Personal Crier." She also took over as chair of Fanaglian Central Textiles following her husband's death.