Black Diamond

The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond is a powerful crime syndicate in Pavlostani. The Black Diamond has members across the globe and is feared for its brutal methods.

Guild HistoryEdit

The Chernaya Brilyant, or Black Diamond, began in the city of Vitograd in 1872. Founded by Dmitri Reznov, it began as a group of about twenty members that conducted low level robberies. Following the defection of prominent GBV officer Valentin Tymenko, the Diamond grew wildly powerful as it tucked dozens of political figures in its pocket and grew rapidly wealthy from hundreds of successful robberies, plants, assassinations and other such activities. Reznov founded the Vitograd Radio System as a front for the Diamond and used stolen funds to establish a radio network used throughout most of Pavlostani. 

In 1904, the Black Diamond and another organization known as the Red Hand began a small war over supremecy in Pavlostani. Within three days, thirty Hand strongholds had been slaughtered to the last man, woman, and even the animals. Bodies were hung under trees with red hands painted on them. Then the Black Diamond becan slaughtering the families of Red Hand members before the Pavlostani government finally began to act. Before Pavel gave the order to General Lin to deal with the Diamond, his dossier on Diamond members and strongholds vanished and a black jewel appeared on his desk along with Lin's left hand. Since then, no official in Pavlostani has dared lift a hand against the Diamond.


The leader of the Black Diamond at the time of the War of the Three Kings was Magistrate Pyotr Reznov, son of Dmitri Reznov. Most members of the Diamond refer to the leader as the Jewel. Despite the unspoken taboo on angering the Diamond, several GBV agents have penetrated the organization. The intelligence they attain has provided ample wealth to Pavlostani. 

The hierarchy of the Black Diamond is as such:

The Jewel

First Officer