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Vapor has been around since 2012. Since then, we've had many key players come and go, as well as a significant reboot in 2018, which has left many articles contained in this wiki out-of-date or entirely non-canon. Rather than simply remove parts of our history that no longer apply, we have decided to preserve them in our "Legends Canon," so that they may exist outside of Vapor's proper and current canon history. This is one of those articles.
Land of the Serene Moon
Cyprum Xecuii
Cycuiian Flag
Detailed Information
Capital City Tsukiyo-Nihyoji
Largest City Tsukiyo-Nihyoji
Leader Transitional Government:

Imperial Amitsukuri Family

Tensho Kommandant Uomi Kasuno

Kommissariat Nasunai Shinoku

Official Languages

(de jure)

National Languages

(de facto)

Ethnic Groups 99% - Cyprumese and Xecuiian [Cycuiian]

01% - Those from various tribes or foriegn nations

Demonym Cycuiian
Government Type Cycuiian Socialist State
Area Approximately 8,500,000 km2
Population 270 Million [1885 Estimate]
HDI .700 - .750
Currency Cycuiian Schilling
Time Zone(s) Unknown
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy


Copulation by Cyprumese and Xecuiian peoples makes country!


Foreign relations of Cyprum XecuiiEdit

Kikugun Guntai nai CycuiiaEdit

Kukozu Cycuiia no AnzanEdit

Gunko no CycuiiaEdit

Rikudenmo Kugun no CycuiiaEdit

Ensei-tai CycuiiaEdit