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Dokuro-Chiyen [MAR]
Dokuro-Chiyen MAR
Dokuro-Chiyen MAR Model 1900
Basic Information
Type Miniature Automatic Rifle (Submachine gun)
Place of Origin Cyprum Xecuii
Service History
In Service 1894-Present
Used by Cyprum Xecuii
Wars Sri-AMEN War, The Unknown War
Production History
Designer Dokuro Umikite & Chiyen Oshimada
Designed 1891-1894
Manufacturer Cycuiian State Armaments
Number Built 1,000,000 +
Variants Model 1894

Model 1898 Model 1900 Model 1906 Model 1907

Weight Unknown
Length Unknown
Barrel Length Unknown
Cartridge 8 x 20 Cycuiia Short
Action Closed & Open Bolt Blowback (Mod. 94-06 / Mod. 07-... respectively)
Rate of Fire 300 round/min
Muzzle Velocity 350 - 380 m/s
Effective Range 200 meters - common range
Feed System 20 or 30 round detachable magazine, or a 60 round drum (Model 1900 & onward)

A mass produced firearm created by Cycuiian State Armaments for use by the Cycuiian Armed Forces. It's primary users within the military consist of close assault platoons, civil guard units stationed in urban surroundings, vehicle crews, skirmishers, logistics personnel, and management personnel.

After the War for Voerdish Sovereignty, field officers came to a conclusion, stating that while current close quarters weapons fielded by the military did the job well, there were many instances where range(shot)guns and lever-action 'quick firing' rifles did not work effectively in suppressing enemy forces. Soldiers that survived the war claimed that enemy forces often took advantage of the inherent slow firing rate of the weapons (along with an infantryman's 'stress' at pumping/cocking and re-aiming a shotgun or lever-action) to escape, or to make a counter attack.

After hearing the complaints of soldiers, several research teams were giving funding to develop a prototype weapon which could address the various concerns. One team, headed by Dr. Dokuro Umikite and Warrant Kommandant Chiyen Oshimada found a solution in the form of a "Miniature Automatic Rifle". The weapon was a miniaturized automatic rifle mechanism (inside of a newly modeled, 'carbine sized' frame) adapted to fire handgun rounds. Both the armaments board and higher officers welcomed the design; the small structure allowed for any one soldier to equip it, the handgun round could be fired both in bursts and full automatic with negligible recoil, and, it was reasonably easy to maintain.

On the 30th of August, 1894, manufacturing of the MAR began. Recent developments (as of 1907) include a switch to an open bolt design to increase simplicity and automatic fire capability, at a cost of accuracy (which in the case of an automatic weapon, was not of too much concern to the developers.)