The Theocracy of
The flag of the Theocratic Drachenstaat, depicting the primary focus of the state religion, the dragon known as 'Great Gold'.
Detailed Information
Capital City Drachenstadt
Largest City Eishafen
Leader Großer Drachenpriester Heinrich Jekyl (1889 - 1898)

Großinquisitor Otto von Krauss (1898 -1899)

Official Languages

(de jure)

Drachensprache (German)
National Languages

(de facto)

Drachensprache (German)
Ethnic Groups Drachenvolk
Demonym Drachenvolk
Government Type Theocracy
Area TBA
Population 96,000,000
Currency Drachen Mark
Time Zone(s) TBA
Date Format DD-MM-YYYY

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• Drachenvolk: The primary ethnic group of the Drachenstaat; they speak primarily German (Drachensprache). Worship is centered with the Drachenkult. Constitute approximately 65% of the national population. On occasion, the term “Drachenvolk” may be used informally to refer to all citizens of the Drachenstaat.

• Todenvolk (Dødsfolket): The second most populace ethnic group; they speak primarily German or Norwegian (Todessprache/Dødsspråk). They worship a god of death known as Sifyr; they wear human skulls over their faces, often with two red vertical stripes dyed into them. They are known for ritualistic suicide when nearing death by old age, as well as for their ferocity in battle, believing death to be a release from the pain of life. The skulls of passed and honored family members are then harvested from the corpse then presented to those coming of age as a sign as a show of honor and remembrance to the deceased. Other bones are also harvested from the dead, both human and animal bones are used in ritual practices. They previously performed human sacrifices; the practice died out some time in the late 1300s. The Todenvolk comprise almost 25% of the Drachenstaat population.

• Merkmalslos (Fehér arc): They are the smallest ethnic group in Drachenstaat, speaking Hungarian (Weiße Sprache/Fehér nyelv). They wear pure white and otherwise blank and featureless masks. They believe the god Teremtő created mankind without features or details, in a state of blankness without sin, but as humanity persisted, they found sin and in time were defiled from their blank form, coming to look as they do now. Thus, wearing their featureless masks in penance for humanity’s sinful nature. They are fewest, making up only 10% of the Drachenstadt population.

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