Whoops! This page is no longer canon!
Vapor has been around since 2012. Since then, we've had many key players come and go, as well as a significant reboot in 2018, which has left many articles contained in this wiki out-of-date or entirely non-canon. Rather than simply remove parts of our history that no longer apply, we have decided to preserve them in our "Legends Canon," so that they may exist outside of Vapor's proper and current canon history. This is one of those articles.
The Eastern Unincorporated Zone is a large strip of land that runs from Khamul to Voerdeland, and from Inesea to the sea. It was part of the Ming Empire from it's onset and remained in it until the very end. The Zone was under the control of two relatively capable nations, the Dolgan and Nivkh. Around the turn of the century, the Nation of Inesea gained rights to build a Canal across the top part of the Nivkh lands. After the closure of the Two Tribes War, Inesea had nominal control over the entire Zone. Nominal being that the People's Council could call the land Inesean. But that was it. The only part of the nation firmly in Inesea hands was the Canal Zone. This stretched along the Northern Tier of the region and included the cities of Aryaal and Bashkir as well as Fort Bashir. Even here the Inesea hold was limited to the cities and waterways.