Fanaglian Central Textiles
Fct logo
Basic Information
Type Corporate Group
Industry Textiles, Consumer Goods, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive
Founded 8 November, 1875
Founder(s) Alonso Tagan
Headquarters Kraftenberg, Fanaglia
Key People Alonso Tagan

Annette Tagan
Monty Anderson

Products Fabric, apparel, sewing machines, cotton gins, tobacco, cannabis, liquor, aircraft, motorcycles, automobiles
Revenue Unknown
Net Income Unknown
Employees Unknown
Fanaglian Central Textiles (FCT) is a Fanaglian corporation that produces nearly everything from apparel to airships to firearms. It is the largest and most powerful company in Fanaglia and one of the largest in the world.

History and OrganizationEdit

(Main Article: Alonso Tagan)

FCT was founded by Alonso Tagan in 1875 as a massive restructuring of his holdings after his purchase of Alans Hemp from Miss Lucy Alans.

FCT is organized into several divisions, including the Aerospace Division, Fashion Division, Raw Textiles Division, Division of Tobacco and Cannabis Products, Independent Contracting Division, and, lastly, Tagan Arms, the firearms division.

Aerospace DivisionEdit

FCT's Aerospace Division is what revolutionized travel across Gaia Atlia in the latter half of the nineteenth century with its innovative investments in lighter-than-air travel. This remained the most profitable division of FCT and it was one of the premier aerospace suppliers in the world until the advent of heavier-than-air technology. Though it eventually adopted the technology and began producing its own planes, its early resistance to it did irreparable damage to both its reputation and its profits.

List of FCT AircraftEdit

FCT Flying Monitor
"Guttersnipe" hot-air balloon
FCT Mk. I Dirigible
FCT Mk. II Dirigible

Tagan ArmsEdit

Tagan Arms was created at the request of King DiMarco in 1868 with a significant investment from the Crown. With the success of Arvirar Aeronautics, Tagan's establishment of the AA Research Division, and the growing importance of Tagan's companies to the Crown, DiMarco saw in Alonso Tagan the perfect candidate to come up with new, innovative weapon designs to give him an even greater edge.

List of Tagan Arms WeaponsEdit

Tagan Revolving Rifle and Carbine
Tagan Thunderhorse .45
Tagan Arms TR-83
Tagan Arms Model 1882 Battery Gun
Tagan-12 Model 1883
Tagan Model 1891 Repeater
Tagan-Woodward Model 1899
Tagan P1910

Raw Textiles DivisionEdit

FCT's Raw Textiles Division continues the legacy of Alans Hemp in providing textiles of all types and uses to Fanaglia, her allies, and her business partners.

List of FCT Raw Textile ProductsEdit

Hembacon (not available for regular purchase)