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Hidiomene-Class Destroyer
800px-IJN Amatsukaze in Showa 2
The I.W.S. Hidiomene after launch in 1905.
Class Overview
Operators Inesea
In service 1905-1935
Preceded by Umayato-Class Destroyer
Succeeded by Umak-Class Destroyer
Cost N/A
Number built 24
General Characteristics
Type Destroyer
Displacement 1,227 long tons normal load

1,550 long tons full load

Length 94.5 m pp

96.9 m overall

Beam 8.5 m
Draft 2.8 m
Propulsion 3-shaft steam turbine, 5 heavy oil-fired boilers 27,000 ihp (20,000 kW)
Speed 34 knots (63 km/h)
Range 3360 nm @ 18 knots
Armament 5 × 4.7 inch Type 8 Light Naval Rifles

4 ×6.5mm machine guns 6× 53cm torpedoes

Complement 135

The Hidiomene-class were a class of fast attack, blue water, destryers ordered by the Henrian Government to patrol the Straits of Malacca and to protect and patrol the Vitus. Eight ships were ordered in 1904 and completed in 1905. After the White War concluded were formed, the Ministry of Naval Affairs ordered a further sixteen ships, eight in 1907 and eight in 1909. 

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