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James Wayford
Detailed Information
Position President, Republic of Nova Voerda
In office 1890-
Predecessor Alexander Kitshoff
Successor Unknown
Personal Details
Party Unknown
Father Winslow Wayford
Mother Elizaveta Wayford
Born January 6, 1853

Pefalls, Voerdish Free State

Died Unknown
Burial Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Religion Mishmahigan Christian
James Wayford was born to a poor family of cabbage farmers in central Voerdeland, south of the village of Pefalls; poverty became an intimate part of his life. When his mother fell ill, he joined the Voerdish army out of desperation in 1873 to try to raise money for her medical expenses. Despite his efforts, she died in the winter of 1874. While in the service, he witnessed that the poverty he and his family experienced was not unique to them, but a problem nearly universal throughout the nation. When he was discharged from the service, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the Voerdish Congress -- his defeats he blamed on corruption in the system. When the Voerdish Revolution began in 1889, he was eager for the chance to "level the playing field," rallying as many friends, family, and strangers as he could to join the cause. He was elected to serve as the interim president of the newly-established Republic of Nova Voerda on 24 November, 1890 and became a key player in the political and military turmoil that followed.

Born: 6 January, 1853
Elected: 24 November, 1890
Years of service: Voerdish Army (1873-1879)
Religion: Mishmahigan Christian