Johnathan Voss
Johnathan voss
Adm. Johnathan Voss, c. 1883
Detailed Information
Allegiance Fanaglian
Born 9 August, 1829
Died Unknown
Service/Branch RNS

Secret du Roi
Libre Fanaglia

Years of service 1845-1860 (RNS)

1860-1871 (RAS)
1871-1873 (SdR)
1873-1874 (LF)
1874-1884 (RAS)

Rank Admiral
Commands Held HMS Ticciano

HMY Intrépide HMS Jessamine Lorraine

Battles/Wars Fanaglian Great Coup

Dehui Insurrection

Other Work Priest, Rothian Catholic Church
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Religion Rothian Catholic

Johnathan Voss was born the son of an Arvirar fisherman in 1829. When DiMarco united the Five Kingdoms in 1842, the young, idealistic John Voss had high hopes and couldn't wait until he could enlist in DiMarco's navy as soon as he was 16. He gradually worked his way up through the ranks until, in 1860, he was made a captain of the new Royal Air Service.

As he was rarely not among the wealthy of Fanaglia, he never saw the destitution that evidenced DiMarco's abandoning of the promises he had made when he came into power. As dissent grew within the kingdom, he was inducted into the newly-created Secret du Roi and oversaw the operations in the Dehui colony. It is here that he finally became aware of the citizens' plight and began to sympathize with them. After kidnapping and torturing to death a fleeing merchant couple, he renounced his allegiance to King DiMarco and joined Autumn's resistance, who made him a commodore of the RAS once the war was won. Voss was promoted to admiral after the death of Adm. Dario Badoglio on 28 December, 1882.

After his run-in with Jacqueline Beaumont, whose family was murdered by the very organization he had once worked for under DiMarco, he was never the same, wrought with guilt for ever having been associated with such evil. He resolved to atone for his sins, so he retired from the RAS in 1884 and became a priest in the Rothian Catholic Church, later opening a mission he called Christon in the Hacha Hatak Nation of the wild continent, Oulen.