Julian Federov
Federov in 1920
Detailed Information
Position Kommandant
In office 1942-1965
Predecessor Kuzki Hirohito
Successor Viktor Federov
Personal Details
Party Marxist
Father Vladimir Federov
Mother Anastasia Kharlamov
Born 2 December 1904, Attograd, Pavlostani
Died 6 July, 1972, Sukothai, Sri Tschow
Burial Attograd, Pavlostani
Spouse(s) Nadezhda Krupskaya
Children Viktor Federov

Helena Federov

Religion Atheist

Julian Federov  was a Pavlostani immigrant and political figure. He worked in facilitating the 1942 Marxist revolution in Sri Tschow, which led to himself and others being elevated into positions of high authority. [WIP]