King's Arms Model 1899 'Rathone'
King's Arms Model 1902
After the success of the King's Arms M1897 'Tac Tac', inventor Giuseppe Gordono sought to make a lighter light machine gun to make fire-power even more mobile. Drawing from the design of the Inesean manufactured Type 45 Automatic Rifle, first encountered in Voerdenland, Giuseppe sought to combine the idea of a Light Machine Gun with the popularity and versatility of the already legendary 97 'Tac Tac'.
King's Arms 1899 'Rathone' (Airborne)
The M1899-A was a mounted version popularized as a light machine-gun for airships and other vehicles... note that the round drum is similar to the King's Arms 1897 'Tac Tac'... however, this mounted arrangement did not prove to be as popular as the original 'Tac Tac', and only about a thousand were made in this configuration.
Basic Information
Type Light Machine Gun
Place of Origin Inoroth
Service History
In Service 1900-1930(?)
Used by Inoroth
Wars Tarnost Campaign

Black Isle Campaign 1907 Dal-Ino War

Production History
Designer Giuseppe Gordono
Designed 1898-1899
Manufacturer King's Arms Co.
Number Built 25,000
Variants M1899 (LMG w/ Bipod)

M1899-A (Mounted)

Weight 21.2 lbs
Length 45 in
Barrel Length 25 in
Cartridge .30-06 Inorothian

.303 Fanaglian

Action Recoil-Gas
Rate of Fire 450-600 round/minute
Muzzle Velocity 2,450 ft/s (745 m/s)
Effective Range 1000 meters
Feed System 20 Round Box

30 Round Drum 100 Round Drum

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