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Airship over Kohlenstoffburg
Map of Kohlenstoffburg
Map Coordinates 11°10′26″N 5°7′39″E
Nation Wirbel
Province/territory (Capital City, Separate Province)
Settled c. 860 AD

by the Wirbelese


Type Military Dictatorship
Mayor Unknown
Area 779.51 km2
Elevation Unknown
Time Zone Unknown
City 1,535,234 (1886 estimate)
Density 1970/km2
Demonym Kohlenstoffburger

Kohlenstoffburg/Altwissenburg is the capital of Wirbel which is also known as Altwissenburg. The city is located in a flat area of south-cental Wirbel and is the home of the AeroWirbel company, which created Wirbel's first airship.


Kohlenstoffburg was founded in the early middle ages by Germanic Tribes.