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Liandrous Wolfgang
Liandrous Wolfgang
Srg. Liandrous Wolfgang, c. 1891
Detailed Information
Allegiance Vitzenburg
Born December 9, 1857
Died Unknown
Service/Branch VRA
Years of service 1879-??? (VRA)
Rank Sergeant 1885-1891

Marshall 1891-???

Commands Held Unknown
Battles/Wars The Iron Incident

Glegory Fields

Other Work None
Spouse(s) Edna Wolfgang
Children Geraldine, Saul, Jacob
Religion Burgian Protestabtism
Liandrous Wolfgang, born December 9, 1857 in the quaint town of Ritzburg; just outside of Vitzburg. Born into a troubled family, his alcoholic father left the home in the winter of Liandrous' ninth birthday. His life turned sour, having to work in a saw mill to support his mother and two younger sisters. Falling to a life of crime, he quickly found himself at rock bottom at age twenty-two, after murdering a woman he was attempting to mug. His trial was quick and at the end, he got to choose either Capital Pinishment or to serve fifty years in the Vitzburgian Penal Corp, a death sentence in its own right. He was officially committed in 1879.

His time in the penal company can be described as horrendous. There were horrid living conditions and the daily training or work often pushed some men to the brink. The only things certain during day were three full meals and at the end of the day, a hard mattress.