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1885 Xei Rifle
An 1885 Xei Rifle
Basic Information
Type Service Rifle
Place of Origin Inesea
Service History
In Service 1885 to 1935
Used by Inesea
Wars War of Mistakes

War of Tschowan Aggression Thelor War Great War

Production History
Designer Yuko Numuri
Designed 1880-1884
Manufacturer Mishmite Peninsula Rifle Company
Number Built 2,000,000
Variants X85

X95 X05

Weight 7.4 Pounds (X95)
Length 1,000 millimetres (X95)
Barrel Length 480 millimetres (X95)
Cartridge 8×50mmR Inesean

8×56mmR Inesean

Action Straight-pull bolt action
Rate of Fire 35 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity 2,000 MP/S
Effective Range 500 meters (X95)
Feed System 5-round en bloc clip (X85)

5-round Stripper Clip (X95)

The Xei Rifle was developed by the Mishmite Peninsula Rifle Company as their pilot and flagship rifle. Designed from 1880 by Yuku Numuri, it was released as the X85 model in 1885. It was designed as a Service Rifle for the Inesean People's Army. As such, it was competing with the newly developed Type 30 Rifle produced by Nguyen Weapons Systems Incorporated. The X85 Xei Rifle had several advantages over the Type 30.