Xia Machine Gun
450px-MG 07 12 for AA fire
Xia mounted in a early Antiaircraft configuration
Basic Information
Type Medium Machine Gun
Place of Origin Inesea
Service History
In Service 1895 to 1935
Used by Inesea
Wars Two Tribes War

War of Tschowan Aggression Thelor War Great War

Production History
Designer Wu Xia
Designed 1893-1894
Manufacturer Mishmite Peninsula Rifle Company
Number Built 500,000
Variants Xia 1895

Xia 1900 Xia 1906 Xia 1911 Xia 1920

Weight 41.4 kg (gun & tripod)
Length 945 mm
Barrel Length 530 mm
Cartridge 8x50mmR Inesean
Action Toggle-delayed blowback
Rate of Fire 400-580 round/min(Xia 1895)

600-880 round/min (Xia 1906)

Muzzle Velocity Model Dependent
Effective Range 2,100 Meters
Feed System 250 round clip