The Southern Zhaoan Tribes, also known as the Apelanese Empire are a group of powerful tribal nations to the immediate south of Pavlostani. They are made up of the Dacca, the Nyphron, the Tenkin and the Ghazel.


The Ghazel are a warlike tribe, and the uttermost southern of the four tribes. The Ghazel are reknowned for amazing foot soldiers, and their territory sits on a major gold mine. In 1881, the Ghazel negotiated travel through Tenkin territory and crossed the Nidwalden River, beginning the Baker's Day War. The end result of the war was Ghazel defeat, when the Ghazel king was assassinated by the SAF. In 1905, the Ghazel joined the Apelanese Empire

The Ghazel are monarchic. Positions of power are often contested in ritualistic battles of honor. The Ghazel are pagans, and many follow the Nyphron religion.


The Nyphron are the ecclesiastical heart of the Apelanese Empire, and the founders. Nyphron horses are extremely high quality, and the Nyphron sit on the outskirts of a major gold mine. Recent studies show Nyphron endorsements to the Ghazel during the Baker's Day War. After the war ended, they denied all involvement. In 1905, the Nyphron formed the Apelanese Empire.

The Nyphron are ruled by a Patriarch. Their church has a private warrior force known as the Seret Knights. They believe the universe was created by the god Erebus, and his three children, Ferrol, Maribor and Muriel created the world, men, and nature respectively.


The Dacca are a maritime people, and possess a sizable navy, many of which freelance as corsairs in the Vitus. The Dacca also patrol the Chenla Ocean, although not in as much force as the Vitus. The Dacca did not particpate in the Baker's Day War, although during the war, cosair attacks seemed to increase. The Dacca denied all involvement.

The Dacca are mysterious, and not much is known about Dacca politics. They follow the Nyphron Church. In 1905, they joined the Apelanese Empire.


The Tenkin are the northernmost of the tribes. The Church of Nyphron normally utilizes Tenkins as labor or cannon fodder. Tenkin soldiers do not match the elite troops of the Ghazel or Pavlostani. Tenkins are in fact more related to Pavlostani than Ghazel or Nyphron.

The Tenkin are ruled by priests of the Nyphron Church. In 1905, they joined the Apelanese Empire and Tenkin soldiers were the first to cross the Nidwalden.