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Sumiya Kuno
Detailed Information
Allegiance Cycuiian
Born Imuha, Naguki Prefecture, Cyprum Xecuii

August 4th, 1858
Died Unknown
Service/Branch Cycuiian 2nd Homeland Guard

Cycuiian 16th Expeditionary Forces

Years of service Unknown
Rank Head Kommandant
(Homeland Guard)

Spokesperson & Campaign Kommandant
(Exped. Forces)

Commands Held Unknown
Battles/Wars War for Voerdish Sovereignty

Other Work Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Religion Unknown
Sumiya Kuno, Head Kommandant of the Cycuiian Homeland Guard & Campaign Kommandant during the War for Voerdish Sovereignty. Relieved of duties in 1907 due to 'internal reassignment' of personnel within the government chain of command. As of 1910, she has retired and lives out the remainder of her life back in her hometown.

Political Stance: Utilitarian Socialist


Karuyon Primary School, Imuha State Intermediary School, Imuha State Military Academy & Secondary Education Campus, Naguki Military Graduate Institute, Defense Ministry's Officer Academy - Yamushen Campus.

Academic Degrees (Capability -> Associates, Understanding -> Bachelors, Leader -> Masters, Kommandant -> Doctorate): Capability of global Arts, Leader of Cultural anthropology, Understanding of Technical Engineering, Kommandant of Military Leadership, Capability of Societal and Cultural understanding, Certification for Post Graduate Education.

Military AchievementsEdit

Rising Moon award for cultural guidance of natives surrounding the homeland and educating them about the benefits of Cycuiian Socialism.