Tagan-12 Model 1883
Basic Information
Type Combat Shotgun
Place of Origin Fanaglia
Service History
In Service 1883-
Used by Fanaglia, Voerdeland, Keluchionga
Wars Dehui Insurrection

War for Voerdish Sovereignty

Production History
Designer Alonso Tagan
Designed 1882-1883
Manufacturer Tagan Arms
Number Built Unknown
Variants Unknown
Weight 3.1 kg
Length 586 mm
Barrel Length Unknown
Cartridge 12 gauge
Action Double-Action Revolver
Effective Range 17 m
Feed System 5-shot cylinder
The Tagan-12 Model 1883 is a Fanaglian Combat Shotgun and was Tagan Arms' first commercially-produced shotgun. Based on the TR-83 with a larger cylinder and barrel, but without the trademark gas-seal system.