TR-83 Revolving Rifle
TR-83C Revolving Carbine
Basic Information
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Place of Origin Fanaglia
Service History
In Service 1883-
Used by Fanaglia, Voerdeland, Keluchionga, Black Shield
Wars Dehui Insurrection

War for Voerdish Sovereignty

Production History
Designer Alonso Tagan
Designed 1880-1883
Manufacturer Tagan Arms
Number Built Unknown
Variants TR-83


Weight 3.7 kg (rifle)

3.0 kg (carbine)

Length 815 mm (rifle)

592 mm (carbine)

Barrel Length Unknown
Cartridge .303 Fanaglian
Action Double-Action Revolver
Rate of Fire Unknown
Muzzle Velocity 844 m/s
Effective Range Unknown
Feed System 7-shot cylinder
The TR-83 (and TR-83C) was a Fanaglian firearm designed to replace the Tagan Revolving Rifle and Carbine. It features an improved gas-seal system similar to the previous model. The cylinder moves forward when the gun was cocked to close the gap between the cylinder and the barrel, providing a boost to the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile. Another advantage of this system is that it now allows the weapon to be suppressed - something very few revolvers can do because of the leaking of high-velocity gas through the gap between the cylinder and barrel, defeating the purpose of a sound suppressor.

The most significant change from the Tagan Rifle is the larger seven-shot cylinder, increased from 5 for the Tagan.

Another improvement over the original Tagan Rifle is the return to using iron rather than brass. The brass was originally chosen for its resistance to corrosion and little frictional resistance, though the metal proved inconveniently soft for the extra heat experienced by the barrels of repeating weapons. Also featured are a new, more comfortable stock and trigger assembly, added loops for the easy attachment of a shoulder strap, standard bayonet, and a lighter, more slender wooden handguard for decreased weight.