The Tagan Revolving Rifle and Carbine
Colt Revolving Rifle Large Picture
Tagan Revolving Rifle
Tagan Revolving Carbine
Basic Information
Type Repeating Rifle
Place of Origin Fanaglia
Service History
In Service 1871-1894
Used by Fanaglia, Keluchionga
Wars Fanaglian Great Coup

Dehui Insurrection

Production History
Designer Alonso Tagan
Designed 1870-1871
Manufacturer Tagan Arms
Number Built 28,600
Variants Revolving Rifle

Revolving Carbine

Weight Unknown
Length Unknown
Barrel Length Unknown
Cartridge .30 ball, revolver

.303 Fanaglian

Action Single-Action
Rate of Fire Unknown
Muzzle Velocity Unknown
Effective Range Unknown
Feed System 5-Shot Cylinder
The Tagan Revolving Rifle is the Fanaglian Army's former primary firearm, which was replaced by the Tagan Arms TR-83, but remained in service by some rear-echelon units until 1894. Alonso Tagan saw the need for Libre Fanaglia to gain a technological edge over the superior forces of King DiMarco and based his idea on the Colt Revolving Rifle Model 1855. He improved on the Colt's temperamental design by implementing an unusual "gas-seal" system in which the cylinder moved forward when the gun was cocked to close the gap between the cylinder and the barrel, providing a boost to the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile, while at the same time solving the Colt's tendency to misfire dangerously due to loose powder becoming lodged in recesses around the firing cylinder. Another nice little perk of this system is that it now allows the weapon to be suppressed - something very few revolvers can do because of the leaking of high-velocity gas through the gap between the cylinder and barrel, defeating the purpose of a sound suppressor.