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Type 38 Standard Infantry Rifle
Rifle Type 38 1
Sideview of a Type 38 SIR.
Basic Information
Type Infantry Rifle
Place of Origin Inesea
Service History
In Service 1905-1927
Used by Inesea

Thelor Promethian Tribes Dolgans Pavlostan

Wars Thelor War

War of the North

Production History
Designer Hamatchi Nguyen
Designed 1902-1904
Number Built 5,001,000
Variants Model 1905

Model 1906 Model 1916 Model 1925

Weight 3.95 kg
Length 1,280 millimeters
Barrel Length 800 millimeters
Cartridge 7.7×58mm Nguyen
Action Bolt Action
Muzzle Velocity 765 meters per second
Feed System 5 round magazine
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