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The Kingdom of
Vitzenburg 543266
State flag of Vitzenburg
Detailed Information
Capital City Vitzburg
Largest City Vessels
Leader Kaiserness Morgen I
Official Languages

(de jure)

German, English
National Languages

(de facto)

German, English, French, Vitzish
Ethnic Groups 96% White

4% Other

Demonym Vitzburgian
Government Type Absolute Monarchy
Area 2,040,000 km2
Population 129.7 million
GDP 37 Trillion
HDI 0.687
Currency Thaler
Time Zone(s) -4, -3
Date Format mm/dd/yy

The Kingdom of Vitzenburg is a nation in the western most contiguous tip of Amplector on the north coast of the Imogen Ocean. To the north, it is bordered by the nation of Vjiay and the Levidius Sea. To the south, it is bordered by the Imogen Ocean, to the northwest the nation of Wirbel, and to the east by the nation of Servoth. The territory of Vitzenburg covers some 2,043,029 kmand is influenced primarily by a Oceanic climate.

Before the Unification, Vitzenburg was made up of two predominant cultures, the Burgians to the north and the Vitzish to the south. Both areas ruled atounomously from the nations surrounding them, attempts to conquer them were futile and they were known to be wild men to the eastern nations. It wasn't until 1342 AD did a semblance of unity begin among the two groups when the Confederation of Falmis was acheived between them. This body governed the area for 83 years until Martin Schnetz, better known as Kaiser Martin Eisenburg I began the Great Unification in 1425 AD. In a military campaign that took one decade, he conquered every member of the Confederacy bowed to him and his right to rule. The Kingdom has since risen from the lowly barbaric roots it's grown from to an industrial and military powerhouse.