1900 Volpe Furbo
Zaponi Arms 1900 Volpe Furbo
One of Four 1900 Volpe Furbo's owned by infamous outlaw Agosto "Il Volpe" Trovato, who supposedly earned his nickname from his use of the gun, not vice versa
An Advertisement for the Volpe Furbo in a 1904 Zaponi Firearms Catalogue
Basic Information
Type Lever-Action
Place of Origin Inoroth
Service History
In Service 1900-???
Used by Inoroth
Wars 1907 Dal-Ino War
Production History
Designer Quartzo Zaponi
Designed 1892-1893
Manufacturer Zaponi Arms Co.
Number Built 31,000
Variants Often heavily customized by users post-production
Weight 4.1 kg (9 lbs)
Length 42 in (1,100 mm)
Barrel Length 28 in (710 mm)
Cartridge .30-30 Zaponi

.30-06 Springfield Others available by special request

Action Lever-Action
Rate of Fire ~30 Rounds Per Minute
Muzzle Velocity .30-30 Zaponi -- 770 m/s

.30-06 Inorothian -- 792 m/s

Effective Range 850 meters
Feed System 5 Round Magazine

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